Massage & Beauty
Hello! My name is Anastasiya. I am happy to invite you to Aya Massage & Beauty Praxis in Sirnach. In the menu below you can find more information about massages and beauty services I offer.
My name is Anastasiya, and I work in beauty and massage industry for over 10 years now. It all started with make-up in 2007 in Kharkiv. Over 5 years I've dedicated to make-up and styling, working with brides, photographers, models… in 2009 I got third in the city Make-up Championship. That was a wow time!

Then certain life changing moments brought me to work at sea. I finished massage course, and started my career on a luxury private yacht. Another few years flew by so quickly, I fell in love with massage and spa so much, that kept studying every year and deepening my wellness knowledge and massage skills. Among many I have successfully finished teacher education of Thai massage Level 1 in TMC Chiang Mai.

Now I am based in Switzerland. After working for almost two years in Phisiotherapie Vitabalance Kreuzlingen, I've started now my own Praxis in Sirnach. And will be very happy to see you here
60/90 min.
Classic massage with warm Aromatic oil
100/140 CHF
40/60 min.
Thai Foot Massage
70/100 CHF
90 min.
Aya Freestyle Massage
160 CHF
90 min.
Hot-Stone Massage
160 CHF
90 min.
Herbal Stamp Massage
175 CHF
90 min.
Body Sculpting Massage
from 150 CHF
80 min.
Lymphatic Drainage
110 CHF
60/90 min.
Expectant Mom Massage
90/130 CHF
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    Tuesdays and Fridays
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    Wednesdays in Uttwil
    from 9:30-18:00