Lockdown time news

Time to share with you what I have been up to all this “stay at home” time. But most important is what has happened just before the lockdown.

On the 15 of March 2020, through the moments of suspense and nervousness all around, we managed to run the very first Swiss Massage Championship with the support of IMA (international massage organisation). I was honoured to be helping with translation and certain moments of organisation, but mostly I was absolutely exited to compete for the first time. I have previously took part in Make-up competitions and even got medals, but massage was still my big challenge.

Of course all the precaution measures were taken, and the event was granted by the local authorities, there still was enough pressure in the air.

The event was divided in few rounds. There were Freestyle Western and Eastern Nominations, Face massage and Wellness massage, Swedish and Thai. I took part in Freestyle Western and Wellness massage. After each performance 5 judges from different countries would walk from participant to participant to give their feedback. At the end the finalists with top score performed massage, to show their best, one more time. By the time the award ceremony was moving on and my name hasn´t and hasn´t been called I was losing hope to get any place at all, when all of a sudden I am announced as the Winner of Freestyle Western Category…

Tears and emotions can´t describe in words Below you can see a small photo review of our event😊